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Removing a old stump will make your property look far better, than leaving it in the garden or your yard and these are six reasons why you should remove it.
1. Stumps aren't pretty aesthetically speaking the sight of a stump definitely isn't appealing. If you're meticulous about your yard and landscaping removing the stump is well worth it.
2. Stumps are hazardous especially if you have young children as they can trip over the stump or the roots that have been left behind. In addition, tree stumps can damage your mower if you accidentally hit one when you're mowing your lawn.
3. Stumps cause new tree growth when left behind and not treated with any chemicals and can result in many small trees growing around or near the remaining stump. These small trees also leech nutrients from other plants located near by them.
4. Stumps are a pain to manoeuver around remaining tree stumps become a nuisance, an obstacle you have to manoeuver around when weeding or mowing your lawn.
5. Stumps attract insects when you leave stumps in your lawn or gardens, the decaying tree takes a long time to rot away completely. While it's decaying, the stump attracts unwanted pests like beetles, termites, ants and other wood eating pests which can eventually spread to your house.
6. Stumps take up previous yard space especially if you don't have a very large yard, the space you lose from the stump and roots may occupy a lot of space. Just think you can use that space for something else like a flowerbed or a picnic table for the family.
Typically, you'll spend extra money to grind down the stumps, but it just might be well worth as our prices are very reasonable.
Our Stump Grinding Services will suit most people's budgets as our prices start from, wait for it, only $40. We are fully insured and all remaining waste from the stump will be disposed by us.

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